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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you so much cheaper than my local jewelry store as well as other internet sellers?
We are primarily a wholesale diamond broker. We have connections with the largest wholesale diamond sellers in the world. These connections, as well as our negotiating clout means we can offer cheaper prices than both local stores, and other internet sellers. Because of our high volume, and low cost of doing business over the internet, we can pass these saving along to you.

Are rings 14K rings available in platinum, and vice versa?
Regardless of how they are shown or priced, virtually ail items are available in 14K yellow or white, 18K yellow, platinum or palladium.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of white gold versus platinum?
Platinum is generally more expensive, about $800 more per ring than white gold. It is it is more durable in that it will not wear out as quickly as white gold, however platinum will actually bend and scratch a bit easier. Platinum will keep its steely white color forever, where white gold will tend to "yellow" a bit. Platinum will also have more of a matte finish, and white gold a bit more of a shine.

What is palladium?
Palladium is one of the hottest new metals and a sister metal to platinum. Want the quality of platinum without the high cost? Palladium is the answer. It is a platinum group metal, it is considered a precious metal, and it has premium white color that will not fade and does not need rhodium plating. Like platinum, it will keep the steely white color forever. It is nickel free, tarnish resistant and more durable than white gold. It has the look of platinum, and the cost of gold.

Do you offer any long term warranties?
As we are selling for wholesale prices, and are not in a position to inspect the items on a regular basis, and thus do not offer long term warranties. We suggest covering the items on your homeowners or renters insurance. In most cases they insure against loss, theft, damage, etc.

What is your policy on conflict diamonds?
Oregon Diamond Wholesalers in strict compiaince with the United Nations Kimberly Process - this assures that conflict diamonds cannot come into the United States. The diamonds we sell have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Oregon Diamond Wholesalers hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personai knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.

How can I pay for the purchase?
You can pay with cash, a check, money order or a bank wire transfer.

How do I send a bank wire?
A bank wire is a direct transfer of funds from your account to ours. You usually need to visit a branch to sign an authorization, and the charge is normally about $15. You simply provide your bank with our routing and account information, and the transaction is normally completed within an hour or two.

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