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Although many of our clients purchase only loose diamonds, most have us create settings as well. Bernice Skoro with her skilled Design team and Master Craftsmen produce unparalleled quality with meticulous detail. With the latest in computer technology, we can duplicate any design you send us or create a completely custom and one of a kind masterpiece. Creating family heirlooms, not just jewelry. We offer all custom jewelry in 14kt. yellow or white gold, 18kt. yellow or white gold, Platinum or Palladium.

With a single picture or drawing, we are able to bring your design to life. Once the design is finished and approved, your Jewelry goes into immediate production. Most custom designs are created by hand, but are not perfect. With modern CNC technology, virtually any 3D design can be transferred to precious metal with an accuracy that the human hand, no matter how skilled, cannot match.

The Cost
The cost associated with your custom piece depends on several factors; the type of metal, stones, and labor to create your piece. You will be given an estimate during the ordering process, prior to creation.

If an order is placed, a deposit is required to start the process. Remember, with a custom made piece, you are getting the original, and the only one. It is not only worth a little more, and the associated costs support the difference.

Purchasing quality jewelry translates into a modest investment that will save in repair and a longer jewelry life.

CAD / CAM Process
Using a drawing or a picture, we can bring your vision to life. Using a skilled CAD designer, a design concept can be quickly and easily be created in 3-D. Raytrace rendering allows the client to preview and approve a design that not only appears as lifelike as the finished product, but also may be viewed from all angles prior to committing the project to gems and precious metals.

Next, you will see photo realistic renderings of the design once it is finished for your approval. After a ring, pendant or other piece is designed with this technology, the parameters are sent to a CNC mill that creates the perfect model for casting, assembly, stone setting, and polishing.

The wax "model or mold" that is produced from the mill will also require your approval before casting. The wax should fit your finger just as it would if it were your ring. Once you are satisfied the casting will begin followed by using the traditional skills of the goldsmith or jeweler for proper finishing setting of the stones, and polishing of the piece.

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